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Dr. Brian Kirk is Senior Technical Specialist at 3M Health Care, and Director of Brian Kirk Sterilization Consultancy Group Ltd, specializing in Standards Development, Education and Sterilization Consultancy. Kirk is qualified as a pharmacist. He holds a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Analysis and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sterilization Technology. He received the 1985 annual award for best submitted paper to the Parenteral Drug Associations Journal. Kirk joined 3M Health Care in 1989 as a development scientist for sterilization monitoring products, where he was responsible for developing and supporting a number of new products. He has had special responsibilities for monitoring the development of national, European and international standards relating to sterilization. He has participated in a number of BSI, CEN and ISO committees responsible for developing standards for chemical and biological sterilization indicators and steam, ethylene oxide and vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizers and sterilization processes.