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Process Development and Qualification Professional for Sterilization


Dr. Paulo Laranjeira is a process development and qualification professional for sterilization, using steam, hydrogen peroxide, and ethylene oxide, in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and healthcare areas. He has conducted many investigations with biological and chemical indicators, with different sterile barrier systems, leading to several publications in peer reviewed journals. He is also the author of book chapters, technical documents, and standards in the sterilization of healthcare products area. He is an active participant of AAMI working group 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6; and ISO TC198, Sterilization of Healthcare Products. He is a professor at post graduate schools on equipment qualification and monitoring for the pharmaceutical and healthcare market. Dr. Laranjeira has extensive experience managing multiple professionals in companies in Brazil for over 25 years, has worked as a consultant for multinational medical products companies; and been a globally sought-after speaker at Conferences, Congresses and Symposia.